Guest Story: A Kindred Mama Home Birth

We’re keeping the birth story train going here, after receiving so much response to giving women a place to share! Women often say the thing that helped them feel the most prepared for birth was reading other women’s stories. This really epitomizes the Birth Takes a Village theme… women sharing their stories in the community of other women wanting to be inspired.

This next story is a special one as I know all the women in the story well. The birthing woman, doula, and birth photographer have all been students in our Wise Woman Way of Birth doula training program, and the midwives are some of my absolute favourite local midwives.  Enjoy and share to spread the inspiration!

A Kindred Mama Home Birth



We knew before we even conceived our second child that we would be planning a homebirth.

I went into labour a day shy of 41 weeks on a Sunday night while watching The Terminator (thanks, Arnie). Up until this point I had been experiencing a load of false labour and spent many nights wondering “is this it?”. So, at first I was a bit suss that this was even the real deal. My waves were all over the place but there was definitely a baby bringing intensity to them.

I decided to text my Doula around 8pm to give her a heads up and I spoke to my Midwife on the phone who said she was pretty sure she’d be seeing me soon. I decided to try to get some rest but whenever I laid down the intensity brought me to my feet, my hips would sway, I knew that this little dance meant that it was time.


I sent my husband to bed and began preparing my birthing space. Lighting the candles from my Mothers Blessing, and re-arranging furniture while I swayed through the waves. When all of the people attending my birth arrived I felt so surrounded by love. I was held firmly in my space by them. The dim lights, the birthing pool, there is something so romantic and comforting about a homebirth. It just wraps you up in its magic.


As the night wore on, I laboured, and we laughed, and every time I rode a wave if it wasn’t my Doula it was my husband, my birth photographer, my midwife, my friend holding my hand or dancing with me, telling me that my power was safe, that I was doing a good job.


I laboured all night long and around 715am my water broke. When I stood up and saw the tiny little puddle I believe my words were “is that all?”. Well, that release of fluid allowed my baby to apply it’s head directly onto my cervix and it was a game changer. I got into the pool and immediately began to transition. I suddenly felt the intensity of it all pulling me away, I began to lose myself. My Doula pulled me back and helped me refocus on the task at hand. “Your power is safe” she reminded me.


Shortly after that my body was pushing and I could feel my baby coming down. I wanted to push with all of my might but thankfully my Midwife and Doula were reminding me to take my time, to be “slow, slow, slow”. There was no ring of fire, just a sudden pop and a heaviness when my baby’s head came out, and shortly after that I was bringing him up into my arms at 8:09am. My baby was crying – it was music to our ears. This particular moment was very healing for my husband and I, it is one we will cherish forever, mostly because it didn’t need to be disturbed.


We didn’t realize at the time, but the cord had snapped when I brought him up onto my chest (bye bye delayed cord clamping!). Once my Midwife noticed that it had snapped she clamped it and initially checked our son out while he was still on my chest, which I appreciated so much. My midwives handled it like the medically trained professionals that they are and thankfully we avoided transfer to the hospital to be monitored. I knew in my heart of hearts that there was a chance that they would want to take my son to be monitored due to the cord snapping and I also knew that the best and safest place for him to be was naked, on my chest, breastfeeding at home, snug in our bed and I’m so grateful to have chosen care providers that respected that and all of my choices.


I could write out a list of reasons why home birth was so right for us, or send through many articles speaking to their safety, but I think my experience speaks for itself. Birthing at home was such a gentle, peaceful and soul filling occasion and something I wish all families had the opportunity to experience!

It was such a wonderful experience. I’m still smiling ear to ear!

~ Kendal Blacker, Kindred Mama Doula Services

Thanks to Strathcona Midwifery Collective, New Spirit Arrivals, and Jodi Kaldestad Birth Services for being Kendal’s village and surrounding her with so much love for her beautiful home birth.

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