A Real Midwife

Real Midwives – by Philip Clement 

‘real’ midwives are the salt of the earth
pose reluctantly in birth photos
do the kitchen and laundry
in the background
they do a helluva lot of BEing and DOing in the background

holding Woman’s highest Wisdom:
nothing less than the knowledge of Life
environment designers optimizing EVERYTHING for Mum and babe
for the simple and the mysterious
the predictable and the unimaginable
the pain and the joy

the clock ticks inaudibly for that midwife, without night or day
she listens to the birthing woman’s sounds and Baby’s heart
to know what time it is
she calls it like it is, she HAS to, she wants to
she needs to

she’s the person who trusts in her own trust AND yours
is not afraid to ask for a second opinion but
will fight like ten bears for what is right

she can wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…
in her presence the woman feels
seen, included, respected, safe.

not a moment too soon nor too late she says “I’ll be back tomorrow” —
and leaves a glow, a blessed hue, everyone much
more acquainted and trusting the Mystery,
in all its simplicity.

Thank you to The Dream Team, from Grandpa.


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