Creating a Gentle & Informed Birth Culture In Our Community


In addition to doula support and prenatal education, Birth Takes a Village is actively involved in the birth community. The ultimate goal of Birth Takes a Village is to create a more gentle and informed birth culture.

For details on what it takes to shift birth culture, check out  The 3 Sided Approach to Improving Birth.

Current Projects

Vancouver Birth Rallies Summer 2012

A group of us are hosting regular rallies throughout Vancouver and surrounding areas to raise awareness about important birth issues such as:

  • improving transparency in maternal health care
  • how women are often traumatized by our maternal health system
  • the importance of appropriate informed consent practices
  • women’s right to be the leader in her maternal health decisions
  • issues of obstetric violence – what it is and how to stop it
  • and more. Visit our Vancouver Birth Rally Group to get involved in the conversation.

Next Event: Wednesday, June 25th at BC Women’s Hospital. We’ll be at the Oak Street Entrance from 5-6pm. If you were unhappy with your birth experience, want to advocate for continuous improvement in the maternity system, or care about women’s rights in health care, stop by to support us!

Putting Birth Into The Hands Of Women

This is the goal of Birth Takes a Village’s Free Prenatal Group, where members share information and support about birth preparation and breastfeeding on a peer-to-peer level. Take a look at the schedule of upcoming meetings.

Building a Birth Worker Community

I am a participating member of the Vancouver Doula Network, a group that was createed for local doulas to support each other in their work. If you are a Vancouver doula and would like to be part of this great community, contact Chloe from Urban Doula.

We’ve also recently started a group of extended birth workers, to include anyone working with birthing women in Vancouver. Let’s get the conversation started between us as we all bring our different skills and strengths to birthing women in Vancouver. This will be a great way to make sure our clients have access to all the birth resources available in Vancouver and exchange ideas about supporting birthing women. It will also be a way to build a strong referral network for each other!

Do you have an idea about ways to shift our birth culture?

Contact me and we’ll talk!

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