Guest Story: Jonah’s Family Freebirth

When I shared my sister’s family freebirth (birth outside the medical system) story and birth images last week, they created a ripple effect in the online world that inspired a lot of women to want to share their stories and images from their beautiful births. Over and over again I have women tell me that the thing that helped them most when preparing to give birth was looking at other women’s birth images and stories.

This is the essence of Birth Takes a Village… women sharing stories and support around childbirth the way they have for centuries to help each other prepare for birth. Here’s another Freebirth story for you. Enjoy!

The Freebirth of Jonah Kincaid


My first home birth (unassisted). Improving Birth and Birth Without Fear really stuck out to me, so I conspired with my family and we planned to stay at home and do this ourselves!!!


With my husband, my mother, my sister and doula, we welcomed my sweet boy into the world on August 26th 2015 at a whopping ten pounds.



My biggest baby (out of four), my first without pain meds, DOUBLE weight of my last baby, my labor time was half of all my previous labors, and by far my easiest labor and delivery.


Birth definitely takes a village. I couldn’t do it without my amazing birthing team, my family. My sister was the one who caught him. she wasn’t even going to be there. She was busy but just stopped by. She left right after we stopped recording our birth video. She had to pick up her kids from daycare. She had been at all of my births. She was against the home birth kinda but seemed to be the most supportive in the moment and caught him. She’s my best friend!


~Amy Wimberly



Welcome to the world, baby Jonah! Birth stories matter.

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Leave your lovin’ comments below and share to spread the inspiration. Or, share YOUR home birth story / photos with us!


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  1. December 20, 2015 at 1:26 am

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Amy and family!

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