Birthing New Mothers


One of the most amazing things about attending births for a living is sharing in the moment where a woman becomes a mother.

I talk so often about that moment when a woman reaches down to hear newborn baby for the first time with an incomparable look on her face of “I DID IT!”. If the father or a partner is present, there is so often this beautiful moment of the new family that has just been created all falling in love, all amazed at how strong and amazing each other are.

That moment is one of the biggest reasons I continue to do this work.

Thank you to all of the mothers who have invited me to share in that moment, the moment they become a mother for the first (or subsequent time), and thank you to all of the soon-to-be-mothers that are sharing in their pre-birth time right now. To my past, current, future clients, and to all of you who follow this blog from a distance, THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your becoming a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! <3 <3

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