Book Into Birth Care With MICHELLE

Michelle Tyliakos handles our hospital birth clients and some of our home birth overflow. If you’ve already had your free initial consultation and are ready to book into care with MICHELLE,  please complete the following intake form and follow the instructions for submitting your deposit and booking your first visit!

Please review our Service Agreement here and print off for your records. You will be asked to confirm your agreement with this document on the intake form while booking.

If you would like to also book our Birth At Home Prenatal Classes, click here to view our schedule and register.

Read This Important Additional Info

Michelle’s Direct Contact Info:

email: | phone: 778-855-4561

Communication Tips:

Between our visits, please feel free to email with any questions! I also ask my clients to send me a quick email after every visit with any medical attendants.

With my support, you get out what you seek out! If you remember to contact me with questions and keep me in the loop about what you’re discussing with your other attendants, etc, I can provide you with resources and info and be a sounding board for you as you make decisions along the way. If you don’t reach out, I can’t help!

Just a heads up – due to the nature of birth work, I am occasionally away from my home office for several days at a time and may not always be able to respond to emails immediately. If you require URGENT access to me prenatally, please phone and let me know you need to speak with me urgently. If it’s a non-urgent inquiry or request for info, it may occasionally take me a couple of days to get back to you if I happen to be at a birth with a different client. I typically am only able to respond to non-urgent calls during daytime hours on weekdays. Of course, if it’s something urgent (or you’re having your baby) I’m available around the clock.


Look forward to working with you!