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Photo: Jessica Austin

Earlier this summer, I was at an event I’d organized with the Vancouver Birth Rally group when I received a phone call from Laura’s husband that they needed me.  Laura did the self-study Hypnobabies program, and I arrived at their home to find them coping beautifully with the birth, and could tell it wouldn’t be long before a baby arrived. Here’s a thank-you letter I received from her shortly after:

Photo: Jessica Austin


We wanted to send our thanks to you for everything you did to help us welcome Sierra into the world! 

Though it was fast and furious, and I was pretty out to lunch when you arrived, I appreciated your encouraging words, breathing instruction, and hip pressure that you offered intuitively through all the pressure waves/pushing (?!?) and the support you provided to Ryan. For keeping him furiously filling the tub (and probably showing him how) getting it ready just in time. Though I didn’t appreciate the comedy of it at the time- it sure makes me crack up now! Our sink still leaks from whatever he frantically did to get the hose connected, which makes me laugh every time I’m sopping up water.

Also, thank you for confiscating the camera from him to let him actually participate, and for capturing some beautiful photos that we would not have if you had not stepped in. Someone even convinced him to cut the cord- not sure who, but it was quite impressive! You cleaned after baby arrived without anyone asking, what an amazing gift! A clean home to enjoy your new baby in. I am so grateful for that, especially since you were wearing a lovely light coloured outfit that could have been ruined by birth mess :) 

You helped me to achieve the positive, AMAZING, intervention-free birth that I was determined to have- and now I have a positive birth story to share with Sierra and hopefully birth will be something she can look forward to in her life down the road. That is a priceless gift for her. Your passion for birth and respect for the birth process is apparent, and I wish you all the success you deserve!

Sierra, Laura, & Ryan

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