Caring for the Intact Penis

Foreskin Is Fabulous – from the Vancouver Pride Parade

Although it may seem intimidating to care for an intact penis if your newborn’s father is circumcised, there is really nothing special you need to learn!

The most important thing to remember is never to retract your son’s foreskin. At birth, the foreskin is fused to the glans, and naturally separates as boys grow.  Once the foreskin detatches, he will naturally learn he can retract it on his own. For most boys, this is around 10 years old. Once this happens, he will need to gently retract and rinse of the exposed area in the shower. It is not necessary or helpful to use soap, just a gentle rinse will be all that is necessary.

Here’s a great, simple video on caring for your son’s intact penis:



For more information, see “Proper Care of the Intact Penis (From Baby to Teenager” on The Whole Network, or download this brochure from the National Organization for Circumcision Information Resource Centers.

Are you still deciding whether or not to circumcise your son?

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