Carley’s Home Birth, June 2014


I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, but “thank you” doesn’t feel like strong enough words. It was so amazing to have you present at our birth and I can’t imagine how differently things would have felt if you weren’t there.

When becoming pregnant, although I deeply respect and suggest doulas to other women, I didn’t consider getting one for myself. Jeremy is so supportive and knows me so well, I didn’t feel that I needed the extra external support from someone I wasn’t close with. With all honesty, if I had planned on having a doula present, I would have contacted you because I follow and respect your work. So when Gloria told me that you assist at her births, I thought it was an incredible how these things have a way of being.

The amount of yourself and your energy that you just selflessly gave over to me was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Jeremy is my husband, and I was birthing his child. Gloria and I had built a relationship and she was invested. But you and I were basic strangers, and yet still you tirelessly worked so hard for me to have the most incredible experience that will stick with me and empower me forever. It truly takes an amazing and strong person to give that much of themselves to someone else.

When I think back on the birth, I hear your soft, encouraging voice carrying me through. I remember your patience and calming presence. I will never forget that and will always be eternally grateful.

So again *thank you*….. although those simple words will never express nearly enough.

xx Carley


CARLEY MENDES Holistic Nutritionist,  Oh Baby Nutrition
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