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Not Just For Birth

Not Just For Birth: Doulas For Miscarriage, Abortion, and Reproductive Health

While doulas have been growing in popularity for their work related to childbirth and the early postpartum period, their value in all areas of reproductive health is just beginning to percolate in the public eye. Traditionally, the people who attended the births in their communities provided support during ALL areas of reproductive health. Preconception, fertility, preventing pregnancy, miscarriage and loss,… Read more →

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Abortion History and Midwifery

Did you know midwives used to be the primary abortion providers in the communities as well as the birth attendants? In fact, when the American Medical Association decided they wanted to expand their business to include childbirth, part of their public smear campaign against midwives was that they were somehow bad or unethical because they were the ones who would… Read more →

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Informed Choice in Miscarriage (& Abortion)

Ever since adding miscarriage support to my practice (long overdue – I had know idea HOW to support clients through miscarriages until I took an eye-opening Holistic Abortion workshop with Molly Dutton-Kenny last year), I see people asking for miscarriage advice everywhere. SO MANY PEOPLE are looking for options, support, and alternatives to the commonly recommended surgical procedures in the… Read more →