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Informed Choice in Miscarriage (& Abortion)

Ever since adding miscarriage support to my practice (long overdue – I had know idea HOW to support clients through miscarriages until I took an eye-opening Holistic Abortion workshop with Molly Dutton-Kenny last year), I see people asking for miscarriage advice everywhere. SO MANY PEOPLE are looking for options, support, and alternatives to the commonly recommended surgical procedures in the… Read more →

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Nourish Your Miscarriage

Nourishing your body with nutrition, supplements, and herbs can help keep your body strong while supporting a smooth completion of the miscarriage. Nourishing Your Miscarriage With Food Iron, folate and B-vitamins can help your body cope with discomfort, blood loss and feeling emotionally well. Iron Sources:  meat, lentils, eggs, seafood, poultry, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, more Folate Sources: leafy green vegetables, root… Read more →