Communication Skills For Doulas

Join Michelle Tyliakos, a  Doula known for effective communication communication skills in her work (and life!) in a fun, interactive workshop on Communication Skills for Doulas.

  • How can you communicate powerfully with your clients and care providers?
  • Which topics or scenarios do you fight difficult to address in your work?
  • What stops you from bringing up challenging topics that may be confrontational?
  • What does the perfect client, care provider, or doula look like for you and how do you communicate your values?

When we don’t get to share our knowledge with those around us, we lose a chance educate and empower those same people. We can feel defeated that our point didn’t get across or that we were not heard.

Become clear on who you are as a Doula and learn to share powerfully your passions and wisdom to those in your life and work.

Your Speaker For The Evening:

Michelle Tyliakos DoulaMichelle Tyliakos, Birth Doula

Michelle strives to empower expectant families to seek their ideal birth and postpartum by facilitating  authentic conversation, challenging preconceived ideas and supporting  informed decisions along the way. Her warmth, knowledge, humour, and communication skills are so appreciated by her clients prenatally, during birth, and postpartum.


Event Details

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017


at Acumamas Clinic (301 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver)

$30 per person

Space is limited so book ASAP! These continuing ed classes tend to fill fast!