Crystal and Robert’s VBAC Baby

VBAC baby turns one!

VBAC baby turns one!

“I would NOT have had my VBAC without Jessica” ~ Crystal Allen

1 year ago tonight, Jessica¬†was giving my husband¬†and I a pep talk. “Give it 24 more hours” she said. “You can do this.” I was 3 days into a labor that stalled during the day and restarted during the night. My water had broken 3 days nights earlier as I did yoga trying to get Adam to get into position. I was tired but even harder than that was that I had stopped believing in myself and my body. My previous labor had ended in a c-section for a labor that failed to progress. I was so scared that this delivery was going to end in the same way. I sobbed in my husband’s arms as Jessica rubbed my back. When I stopped crying she looked me squarely in the eyes and said “You CAN do this. Trust your body.” The next evening Adam was born- a happy, healthy VBAC, 4 days into labor, a labor that convinced me that I can do anything if I believe I can.

Hiring Jessica as my doula and more importantly, listening to her was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Thank you Jess. In the hours leading up to the anniversary of Adam’s birth I think of you.

This birth is one I talk about and think of often. Crystal’s strength and determination to avoid routine interventions unless they had made sense to her was admirable amidst a longer birth and the decisions about the medical options presented to her by her midwives. Although there were moments of doubt that came up for her, she kept going back to “Are me and my baby healthy? Yes? Then I will keep going.” It was an honour to stand beside her and support her in her choices to have a birth on her terms, and to see the look on her face when she birthed her VBAC baby, holding him on her chest with love and pride, and a look of “I DID IT!” that I will never forget. Thank YOU, Crystal and Rob, for inviting me to be a part of that experience. So much love to you and your beautiful family! xx

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