Birth Doula Mentorship

Are you looking to take your doula practice to the next level?

Mentorship is one of the best ways to grow your knowledge, skills, and effectiveness as a birth worker and is traditionally how birth attendants trained.  I know first hand that having a mentor can exponentially increase your confidence and how quickly you expand your wisdom, insight, and ability to contribute to your clients.

Your doula mentorship program will include:

  • Monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions to review your current clients and how best to support them
  • On-call support from me for questions regarding current clients or births (subject to availability schedule)
  • Post-birth debrief sessions after each birth you attend to review what you learned and how to grown (as per availability schedule)
  • Free access to my continuing education classes for doulas
  • Access to my sought-after resources for birth-related and business-related information
  • Guided learning and discussion opportunities on various topics to grow your practice


  • Potential of using me for in-person support or back-up during births (subject to availability; additional fee)
  • Potential for future back-up opportunities and client referrals from me
  • Option of having me join / lead prenatal visits for up to 3 of your clients (subject to mutually agreed upon availability; it is your responsibility to get interest from your clients for this)
  • Get added to my list of Student Doulas for my Student Doula Package – an opportunity for additional learning and experience where I attend prenatal visits and the birth along with you for up to two clients. This potential opportunity is not guaranteed and is subject to client interest.


  • Completion of a the Wise Woman Way of Birth doula training (exceptions may be considered in special circumstances)
  • Ability to read and understand scientific research
  • An interest in promoting gentle, undisturbed birth practices and informed choice
  • An interest in actively seeking your own clients

Additional Details:

  • This is a 10 month mentorship program that must be completed within 18 months of signing up. This gives you the opportunity to be flexible and allow for vacation, etc. I also reserve the right to defer some months for vacation.
  • This program does NOT promise to find clients for you or guarantee future client referrals. While it is possible these opportunities may exist, signing up for the program assumes you will be finding your own clients.

Your investment:

The fee for the doula mentorship program is $2200. A minimum $600 deposit is required to reserve your space. Flexible payment plans may be arranged.


To apply for a space in the doula mentorship program, email me at Space in my mentorship program is limited.