Doula Training FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I pay you for the course?

You can pay your deposit of $100 by:

-transferring the $100 to by Interac transfer or PayPal

-coming in person to #214-1650 West 13th Ave., Vancouver (Buzzer Lemay 99) with a cheque or cash and picking up your binder at the same time

– mail a cheque to  Gloria Lemay, #214-1650 West 13th Ave., Vancouver V6J 2G7  Your binder will be sent by return mail once the cheque has cleared.

All students pay the remaining balance on the first morning of your course.


Will I get certification when I’ve completed my course?  Do I need to be certified to be a Doula?


-certification by our company, Wise Woman Way of Birth, is given to those who complete the pre-reading, attend the full course, and pass the exam at the end.

-There are several other companies/groups that provide Doula Certification programs and each will have their own criteria for certification.  Certification is not necessary for working as a doula.  There are no requirements for any formal certification to be an advocate for birthing women.  Completing training does not guarantee employment.


Does this course have an affiliation with DONA?


-no, we are not a DONA course.


Can I bring my nursing baby to the classes?


Some women do have a helper for the baby who brings the baby in whenever the baby needs to nurse. There are a lot of “paired” exercises in the class so it doesn’t work to have the babies in during most of the class time. There is a lounge area in the school where the baby’s caregiver can wait and he/she can take the baby out on Broadway and cruise the shops, too.


Is there a website with more information?


Where and what hours?


10-5 each day, at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition on Broadway and Ash (300-604 West Broadway), Vancouver.  (full details on the weblink)


Will I get a mentor or will I be taken to births with an experienced doula?


The training does not include mentorship, although it aims to connect you with other doulas in Vancouver who are looking for backup.


The goal is to have you finish class feeling confident enough to take clients on your own, and to connect you with the practicing doulas in the community for support as you are starting out.


Are there websites that I can visit before the class begins to do some studying?

These are some of the ones that we recommend:


Gloria Lemay’s blog:


Jessica Austin’s blog:



Yahoo group: to join for info and their shared files for doulas/midwives


Thanks for your interest in Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Training

Gloria Lemay

604 714 0377