Fast Home Birth in Vancouver

Becky and Kevin planned a home birth in Vancouver with me earlier this year. Towards the end of her pregnancy, they began to be concerned that there may be a lack of medical support for their plans to birth their baby at home. However, their belief in home being the safest place for them to birth their baby persevered, and they had a speedy, beautiful homebirth with me and their Registered Midwife.

“Dear Jessica,

When we first met you at Our Town just before the start of the New Year, I found you to be personable, caring and knowledgeable about birth. Even though I was nervous about giving birth, your caring nature and calm voice put me at ease. 

I really appreciate that you were with us at BC Women’s Hospital for the prenatal monitoring. Kevin and I still believed we could give birth at home and I was so glad that you supported us. 

It was a very fast birth! And we still to this day think that if you didn’t tell Kevin he better stay and walk the dog later, her would forever kick himself for not staying home to catch AJ! Thank you so much Jessica, I could not have done it without you!”

Rebecca, Kevin & baby AJ.

fast home birth vancouver


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