Fertility Literacy For Doulas

Fertility Literacy For Doulas

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We will explore:

  • ┬áThe different ways your clients can observe and chart their fertile signs
  • How your clients can use these observations for either preventing or achieving pregnancy
  • How understanding fertile signs can empower clients with insight into their reproductive health and identify common conditions that may benefit from managed care
  • Discuss how fertile signs can be affected by sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, and the postpartum period and why an awareness of this is important

Your Facilitator

17992014_740341693956_494848896940944515_nJill Colpitts, Fertility Care Practioner and Birth Doula

Jill Colpitts has been working with families as a doula, fertility care practioner and CPR & First Aid instructor for over a decade. Part of her focus has been on educating people and couples to be literate in the fertility signs and patterns in their own bodies for purposes of self-monitoring for health, trying to conceive, and trying to avoid pregnancy. Her goal is to broaden the doula scope of knowledge beyond that of birth and postpartum and into the realm of understanding their own fertility.

Event Details

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017


$45 per person or $30 if you are a Wise Woman Way of Birth graduate.
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