First Set of Twins!

Photo: Apple Blossom Families

Photo: Apple Blossom Families

When I took Cedar on as a client, it was meant to be as a “second” doula, as it was my first twin birth. The two of us ended up bonding prenatally through visits and phone calls, and through her regular attendance at my free monthly prenatal group. It was incredible to be with her during her birthing time. Double bonus? — it was also my first birth with Vancouver birth photographer Morag Hastings on the team! Here are a few words from Cedar:

I remember this moment VIVIDLY, I just came out of the recovery room after 2 hrs, drugged and waiting as patiently as I could to see my babies for the first time. I saw the babies and Michael first and it was a profoundly power moment and YOU were the 2nd person I person– I had quite a journey with you over the last 2 days of labor and birth and trusted you 150 %! When i was disassociated for a lot of it, i remember wanting you near me and wanting to hold your hand, cause you were able to give me such 100% presence while I came in and out. then when i saw you after the recovery room i knew I could just cry and let it go with you, not just those 2 days but the 9 months i was pregnant, u were my 2nd doula but u acted and was engaged with me like you were my main doula- UNBELIEVABLE commitment you have and unbelievable love you share! Thank you from the bottom of the 4 of us’s hearts!!! Love Cedar, Oceania, Jade and Michael

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