GBS Testing & Treatment Resources

In Canada, one of the tests offered to women prenatally by doctors and registered midwives is a swab for Group B Strep (GBS). If the swab is positive, the woman will be offered antibiotics during her labour.

When it comes to GBS  during pregnancy, you have choices in:

  1. whether or not to test for it prenatally
  2. whether or not to use antibiotics during birth

Here are some resources to explore while making your decision on these topics:

Articles and Research on GBS:

It’s worth noting that while antibiotics are commonly recommended during labour for women diagnosed as having GBS, Cochrane found that:

“giving antibiotics is not supported by conclusive evidence. The review identified four trials involving 852 GBS positive women. Three trials, which were more than 20 years old, compared ampicillin or penicillin to no treatment and found no clear differences in newborn deaths although the occurrence of early GBS infection in the newborn was reduced with antibiotics.

Part of the controversy around GBS involves concern about the potential risks of using antibiotics, and the impact they may have on your and your baby’s long term health
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