Holistic Birth Care

Holistic Birth Care $1495(+GST)

Create your best chance for a natural, healthy home birth with this extensive holistic birth care package.

Includes FREE registration in my Birth At Home prenatal classes with a modified prenatal visit schedule

**Flexible payment plans available

In our modern, medical birth culture, we often treat birth as if it is a procedure that we require medical professionals to perform. In reality, birth is a normal biological event that the woman’s body goes through – you and your body know how to give birth to your baby! Get holistic support to keep you healthy, nourished, and confident so that you can give birth to your baby naturally and in health, using the wisdom of a more traditional approach to holistic birth care here in Vancouver.

A Holistic Birth approach:

  • blends a more traditional approach to caring for your mind, body and emotions with whatever your approach to medical care and options may be.
  • Views birth as a natural biological process that typically unfolds best when undisturbed, and focuses on keeping you healthy in order to support that process
  • Uses nutrition and herbs to keep your body nourished and healthy
  • Incorporates referrals to other holistic health modalities as appropriate to create health in your body and mind

This Holistic Birth Care package focuses on keeping you healthy and nourished during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period with the wisdom of a natural, holistic approach to pregnancy and birth.

While the doula services package involves support that is more geared towards the end of your pregnancy and during your birth, the Holistic Birth Support package focuses on building an even more personalized relationship with you and supporting your health holistically throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period.

Your Package Includes:

  • Everything in the Doula Services Package PLUS:
  • Free, optional registration in a Birth At Home prenatal class series with your partner (recommended)
  • Monthly prenatal visits from the beginning of your pregnancy to prepare your body, mind, and partner (if applicable) for the healthiest, most natural birth possible
  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period (during my office hours)
  • Assistance choosing appropriate medical care / attendants for your pregnancy and birth goals (if desired)
  • Nourishing tea for pregnancy included in the fee
  • Nutritional guidance for a healthy pregnancy
  • On call support for your birth
  • All home birth supplies and free use of a professional birth pool
  • Educational books for preparing for birth and life with a new baby
  • Extended breastfeeding support postpartum based on your needs
  • Referrals to holistic health practitioners specialized in the perinatal year (Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor, Lactation Consultant, Acupuncturists, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist as appropriate).

As our birth culture becomes more and more medical, we seem to be losing traditional wisdom and ways of working with families throughout pregnancy and birth to keep them healthy and well-set up for a healthy, natural birth. Excessive testing, medications and intervention have become the norm instead of the exception. Of course, access to medical care and options can be a very good thing in some circumstances, but for those who want to reserve interventions for specific scenarios only, finding a more holistic birth approach in Vancouver (and everywhere) is something a lot of families are looking for.

Book your free initial consultation with me early to discuss options for your birth and to get started on creating your unique, alternative approach to a healthy, physiological birth.