Grow your practice as a doula with this selection of career-building mini-workshops. These workshops are an affordable and fun way to step up your professionalism, success and skills as a doula.

Students who have taken the Wise Woman Way of Birth doula training receive 50% off the workshop fees. Use coupon code: WWWB when booking to receive your discount.


**2017 Schedule TBA**

Interview Skills For Doulas

Get the clients you want by showing them why they want to hire you in your interview with them. BONUS: Sample intake forms and considerations for what information to seek in your intake forms with clients.

Contract Development For Doulas

Feel professional and confident with a finely-tuned Service Agreement to use in your practice.

Prenatal & Postpartum Visits For Doulas

Come across as organized, prepared and professional in your prenatal and postpartum visits with clients. Learn how to structure and schedule your visits and get samples of outlines that you can modify for your practice.

Informed Choice for Doulas

Practical doula skills that will promote your confidence in facilitating informed choices.