Miscarriage & Abortion Support

Like birth, the unexpected or planned end of a pregnancy can greatly benefit from in-person comfort and reassurance during the process.

Many people after having a miscarriage or abortion will say afterwards “I wish I had someone with me!”.

It is common for people to go through these experiences at home without in-person care, be it a spontaneous miscarriage or a miscarriage/abortion that is being induced with medication or other methods. You do not have to go through this experience alone! Having an experienced person with you for support can make all the difference in your experience.

Having an experienced and understanding support person with you and your partner or family, if applicable, can make your experience a much more comforted and empowering one as your body works to let go of the pregnancy.

Miscarriage and Abortion Support Includes:

  • Personalized education to help you sort through your holistic and clinical options
  • Guidance on what to expect physically throughout the process
  • Assistance in making a “plan” for before, during and after the miscarriage / abortion process.
  • On-call availability for questions
  • On-call availability for in-person support, reassurance, and comfort
  • Access to a TENS unit for comfort if appropriate
  • Guidance on holistically nourishing and preparing your body for the miscarriage / abortion
  • Guidance on holistic approaches to recovery
  • Availability in the weeks following to ensure you are doing well physically and emotionally
  • Referrals to other holistic health professionals as needed

Fee for support:

  • CURRENT BIRTH CLIENTS: current clients receive first-trimester miscarriage support at no cost (beyond cost of any herbal support provided). Please consider me on-call for this type of support anytime after you’ve hired me.
  • NON-CLIENTS: $65 for an initial educational and preparatory consultation and access to on-call phone, text and email support. In-person support for home loss is $65/hour (minimum $120) up to a maximum of $300. Sliding scale model is available.

If you are having a miscarriage or preparing  for a planned abortion, contact me to have a gentle, informed, and supported experience.

Email: jessica@birthtakesavillage.com Phone or Text: 604-700-4115

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Local Vancouver, BC Resources:

  • In Our Hearts: support group for pregnancy loss and stillbirth
  • Doula Support from Birth Takes a Village

Contact me for Support:

Email: jessica@birthtakesavillage.com Phone or Text: 604-700-4115