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”Birth isn’t just about making babies, birth is about making mothers, strong, competent, capable mothers who know their inner strength ” – Barbara Katz-Rothman¬†

Mother's Day

Playing in the Garden

I don’t visit my mom enough, or call her as often as she’d like. I get so busy supporting women as they become mothers that it’s difficult to find time to honour my own.

But when I don’t answer my phone because I’m in a prenatal visit with doula clients or following up with new parents to support them in the early days of breastfeeding, or because I’m sleeping after attending a 36 hour birth, it is for you, mom.

Maturely showing some love a few years ago

It’s for you because I know what you value most in the world is motherhood. It’s for you because I know that although the births of my sister and I were happy moments for you, the actual birthing experience was not one that honoured your body in the way you deserved as you transitioned into becoming the mother you always wanted to be.

It’s for you because you were determined to breastfeed us despite a lack of support in a time where many people did not understand its importance. Thank you for the months you spent providing us with nourishment and love from your own body.

When I’m busy reminding women of their natural strength to give birth and their innate wisdom to nurse and care for their babies, it’s because I know you have strength and wisdom of your own.

Celebrating a birthday

People often assume I got into all this birth stuff because I love babies. I’ll admit, it’s hard not to fall in love with the newborns I watch come into the world.

But the driving force behind what I do isn’t about caring for babies. It’s about caring for mothers, because I care about you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

Jessica Austin, Birth Doula: Childbirth Services in Vancouver, BC

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    Aww….so sweet. Lucky you for having your lovely mom and lucky mom for having you as a daughter. :-)

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