Mothers Stand Up For Their Midwives

“Midwives can’t really stand up for the mothers’ rights because the midwives don’t own these rights, the mothers do. It’s the mothers that need to come forward and say, … ‘what you’re doing to that midwife is a violation of my rights’.” ~Hermine Hayes-Klein

Watch this video to see some women and mothers in my local province who are taking a stance against the limitations of childbirth options. Feel free to comment on the status of midwifery in YOUR community in the comments section below the post!

If we don’t stand behind birth attendants who honour women’s rights and choice in birth, how can we expect their to be MORE attendants who do so?

Sign this petition asking St. Joseph’s General Hospital to approve Katie’s hospital privileges. You can also donate to Katie McNiven’s Legal Fees:


*UPDATE* On September 12th, 2013, the Board of Directors of SJGH in Comox approved Katie’s application for hospital locum privileges as a registered midwife. Huge thanks to all of her supporters!

Read more about Katie on her website or go back to the Birth Takes a Village blog.

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