Nu7uska: Reconciling and Decolonizing Birth

Nu7usqa: “To give Birth”

November 4th, 2017, in Vancouver for an afternoon to raising awareness in the birth community  on “Decolonizing Birth”
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  • Create awareness and build better birth experiences for the West Coast First Nations women and families on whose territory we practice as birth attendants
  • Broaden your perspective and learn how to respect important traditions, ceremony and perspectives in traditional childbirth practices in this evening workshop with three local advocates for reconciliation in childbirth.

Smaw ti slq’ilh – one heart one mind

  • Opening Prayer, Smudging. Nuxalk Prayer: acknowledge territories, give thanks, cleanse our spirits, promote healing, open our minds, and create a safe place for workshop participants
  • First Nations women will share their personal experiences of pregnancy, birth and postpartum and the resources, support and discrimination they experienced
  • The importance of ceremony in childbirth
  • The cultural significance of Aunties, Mothers and Grandmothers traditionally being present at births
  • Creating sacred space
  • Treatment of the placenta
  • The importance of mother
  • The medicine wheel: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional wellness wheel
  • Discussion: How do we move forward? How can we create awareness, uphold our women, and promote the medicine wheel philosophy?

Our Speakers Will Include:

Marissa Charlie

Marissa is an Indigenous Doula coming from the Nisga’a and Nuxalk Nations, now working within the lower mainland she is passionate about helping mothers learn about there rights to practicing tradition, having a spiritual connection with their bodies, and having a ceremonial Birth.

Jerilynn Webster

Jerilynn Webster, aka JB the First Lady, is a member of the Nuxalk & Onondaga Nation’s. She is a Vancouver-based female hip hop/spoken word artist, beat-boxer, cultural dancer and youth educator. “using [her] words to go upwards/not backwards.” These are lyrics that describe what JB tries to convey in her music. JB has performed at over 500 hip hop shows, anywhere from auditoriums to Annual General Meetings for community organizations. She is spreading the words of empowerment & the perspective of urban indigenous women in Canada.

Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith is a Tsimshian, Haisla and Heiltsuk warrior mother. She is living as guest on Unceded Coast Salish Territory and is currently a Graduate student at UBC. She is also an accomplished poet and spoken word performer. Using poetry and spoken word she hopes to uncover the oppression Indigenous people face and the pain inflicted on our earth face and to ignite a wave of hope which can travel throughout different generations.


Event Details

Saturday, November 4th, 12pm-2:30pm

at Revolution Health Clinic (405 W 5th Ave, Vancouver)

$45 per person $45 per person or $30 if you are a Wise Woman Way of Birth graduate OR a grad of Michelle’s Pacific Rim Holistic Doula Program.

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