Prenatal Visits For Doulas

prenatal visitsCome across as organized, prepared and professional in your prenatal and postpartum visits with clients. Learn how to structure and schedule your visits and get samples of outlines that you can modify for your practice.
One of the most common complaints of new or evolving doulas is feeling lost as to how to structure prenatal visits in the most effective way. In this workshop I will be sharing everything I WISH I had been taught somewhere along the way instead of having to figure it all out from scratch!
Luckily for me, Jessica came up with the idea of these workshops just around the time I was hired for my first birth ever! It really helped me navigate the doula world and be confident with my clients. I cannot recommend this workshop enough: it’s full of wisdom and inspiration! ~ Ana
  • What is the real PURPOSE of your prenatal visits? Going beyond “getting to know your clients and what’s important to them”
  • When and how to schedule prenatal visits for most effective impact
  • How to change your structure when you are hired particularly early or late
  • What to cover in each visit and WHY
  • When and how to do a useful postpartum visit
  • What TONE do you want to set in each and every interaction with your clients? Why is this important and how do you do it?
  • What is your approach to prenatal visits? Passive, educational, or inspirational? Understand the impact these different approaches have and how to adjust your visits accordingly.

“In contrast to immature teachers who fill a 90-minute class with activities (and ignore targeted objectives), a transformational teacher treats those 90 minutes like a carefully crafted persuasive essay — with a clear purpose and unique sense of style, a memorable beginning and end, a logical sequence, important content, nimble transitions, and contagious passion.” ~ From English Book in Georgia

Materials You Will Recieve:
  • A guideline for a course of services with your clients
  • A handout of potential prenatal visit topics
  • A template for working with your clients in their prenatal visits
  • A copy of the class slides
  • A whole lot of confidence and inspiration!
Investment: $30 per student (+GST). 50% off for graduates of the Wise Woman Way of Birth doula training program – use code WWWB if you qualify for the discount!
Location: Acumamas Clinic, 301 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver.
Time: June 6th, 2017 6:30-9:00pm