How To Prepare For Your Home Birth

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Home birth really is the simplest way to have a baby. More and more women and families are turning away from the currently-standard hospital birth and back to having their babies at home the way we have for most of history, choosing to go to hospitals and obstetricians only if there is some specific medication needed or medical reason to do so.

Home birth saves the hassle of deciding when the right time to go is, what to bring, how to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible, how to navigate hospital staff and policies, and prevents exposure to a wide array of potentially unnecessary and serious interventions. For a good article on why the choice to have a home birth is a practical one, check out  9 Practical Reasons to Choose Home Birth.

Although home birth is the simple, normal and natural way to birth your baby, there are definitely a few steps you can take to prepare for your home birth.

I wrote a post with 4 ways to prepare for your home birth on, my new side-project. Read the full article here!

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