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Because I’m an information junkie and an occasional insomniac with a background in university-level science,  I often am pouring over birth-related research. I also am constantly referencing the guidelines from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Perinatal Services BC. I believe birthing women should have access to this information so they are able to make informed choices. I also strongly encourage my doula students to keep up to date with research.  I have articles stashed and filed away on my computer, but here I am aiming to compile links to the research for you to easily access! I will be constantly updating this page as go through what I have. Feel free to post below in the comments section if there is a particular study or category you think I should add to the list.

*This page is a work in progress and has just been started! Thanks for your patience as I compile an online list of research!*

You can also explore my online library of research and guidelines (also a work in progress).

Care providers and birth outcomes

Cardiotogography (CTG) / Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring


Healthcare research and practice: influences and issues outside evidence-based best practices

Home Birth Safety

Induction: for early / prolonged membrane release

Induction: the membrane sweep / stripping the membranes  / stretch-and-sweep

Third Stage Management (Birth of the Placenta)






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