Rice Soup During Labour

rice soupI always brag that even if a woman is having trouble eating during birth, she will nearly always be able to get down chicken broth. My famous cure-all for birth is my chicken broth with egg recipe, which I learnt from an Italian family once at a birth.

However, if that fails, I have another go-to to keep women nourished: Asian rice soup. This one I learned when I was ill in Vietnam; the owners of the guest house I was staying in would bring me rice soup twice a day and it was all I could eat!

Here’s how to make it:

  • Boil half a cup of jasmin rice in 6 cups of water on high for a few minutes
  • Reduce to simmer for twenty minutes, stirring every 5 minutes and removing any skim/foam from the surface

It’s that simple. And surprisingly tasty in a comfort-food, nourishing way. Easy to stomach and the electrolytes in the broth are hydrating.

If you CAN eat more than rice soup, please do! But this is a good go-to if nothing else will stay down.

From Thai Recipes



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