The Home Birth of Rook

As luck would have it, I was able to attend not one, but two special births in my home province of Alberta the fall before last. One was for my sister, who gave birth to the cutest nephew that anybody ever had, and whose story I posted a few weeks ago.  The other was for a friend of mine who I grew up with playing baseball, camping, and living just a few blocks away from, not to mention a mini bond-us-forever trip to Cambodia in our early 20s days.  She just gave birth to her SECOND baby, which I wasn’t able to attend this time, but in celebration we are posting this overdue story of the first time she became a mother ❤️


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Shannon phoned me one night suspecting her membranes had released and we debated whether or not they really had and if I should hop on a plane to Alberta. Just as I had decided “You know what, I better come just in case,” she phoned back to say we could be assured the really had released. She was one of those less-common people who had an out-in-public gushing of amniotic fluid episode that I always tell my clients almost NEVER happens.  While she and her husband, Justin, got themselves home and tucked into bed to rest, I hopped on a flight to Edmonton.


unnamedI arrived in Edmonton in under 5 hours from her first phone call, and got a full night of sleep before going to see her in the morning. Her sensations began in the late afternoon. I spend some time supporting her while she used the shower for comfort and her husband checked in on us intermittently and always staying close by in case Shannon needed anything from him.


In the early evening, her husband popped out to a meeting as Shannon was coping well and he knew he would be close by and could get back quickly if needed. Shannon’s sister came by and gave her a good massage as things started to get stronger and more serious.  After the massage, we called Justin to tell him he better get back sooner than later as it seemed things were shifting.


Justin returned as we were filling out the pool, and from that point on Shan held on to Justin’s hands and he supported her through every single wave of sensation. The midwife arrived as the early-pushy sensations were beginning.

That evening, we greeted baby Rook in their living room, a beautiful family welcoming a beautiful baby, and you could feel the amazement in the room from Justin and what seemed like an almost disbelief from Shannon.

Due to some bleeding after the birth and a placenta that was taking a long time to be born, the new family transferred over to the hospital where the proud grandmas joined the crew to greet the new little Pearson that had arrived just hours before.  So much love in the room!



Thanks Shannon and Justin for inviting me to the birth of your first baby. When we were playing ball together all those years ago I never would have imagined I would be with you in such a powerful and important moment in your life. I love all of you so much and am so glad I got to be there while you all became a family. 



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