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I received this note from a past doula student who had a baby recently, and we both decided we should post it publicly. What I heard in the note was “I was informed and confident, and my birth was long and amazing!” I love this because so often the rhetoric around birth in our culture is that shorter-is-better, and I personally strive to honour the often more common slow-birth process. Sometimes births take time, and babies are find their way out, via the fetal positions they need to, and in their own time. Another part of this that I love is that her sister, Krista, another past doula-student of mine, was there as her doula. Having attended my own sister’s home birth last year, I have a special place in my heart for sister-attended births. I also love that both Monika and my sister described their births as strong but essentially pain-free experiences.

This note shows how far good education can go with preparing women to be confident in birth, their bodies, and their strength. I love it!

Congratulations, Monika on your beautiful home birth, and thanks to Krista, her sister and doula and Andrea from Strathcona Midwifery Collective for being there for her amazing birth <3 

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Hi Jessica,
I have been meaning on sending you a note to say thank you so much for everything you taught me. I had a really positive home birth with Andrea and I’m so thankful I had the education that you gave me. I had no fear and total trust in my body during my pregnancy and during labour.
The baby was posterior and had her hand up by her head which made for a bit of a longer labour, but even in that moment of doubt (transition!) I knew I could do it. I felt very minimal pain during dilation (at least from what I remember, ha!) and no pain at all during pushing. It was amazing.

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