Doula Support For Your VBAC

When planning a vaginal birth after cesarean, one of the most important things you can do is surround yourself with a birthing team that is supportive of VBACs.

It is completely normal for a VBAC woman / couple to experience moments of doubt or uncertainty as they birth. Having a birth team who can hold the space of trust in your body’s ability to birth your baby vaginally does wonders for keeping you confident and calm as you go through the complete experience of childbirth.

Your prenatal visits as a VBAC client will include a thorough discussion of:

  • The factors that led to your previous cesarean
  • Your reasons for choosing to prepare for a VBAC for this birth
  • The positive and negative aspects of your previous birth experience
  • Your main priorities and goals for this birth
  • How you feel you can be best supported during this birth based on your previous experience
  • Any fears you have about this birth and how we can make you feel safe and confident
  • Your partner’s feelings about the previous cesarean and any concerns he or she has about preparing for a VBAC

Why Choose Me As Your VBAC Doula?

As a doula that has supported both hospital and home VBACs, I am familiar with some of the special needs you may have prenatally and during your upcoming birth.

I have taken continuing education in providing doula support for VBACs. If there were parts of your previous birth experience that you consider traumatic, I also study with a research psychologist to be able to provide quality doula support to women who have a history of birth-related trauma.

Set Up Your Free Initial Consultation

Contact me to arrange a free, 1 hour meeting to discuss your birthing goals and the possibility of brining me onto your supportive birth team as your VBAC doula.

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