Welcoming Nutrition Student To Birth Takes A Village

I’d like to welcome Teresa Butler to our village. Teresa is a  nutrition student at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition here in Vancouver, and will be working with Birth Takes A Village as part of her co-op hour requirements.

Teresa’s interest in nutrition grows from a desire to help women have healthy, positive birth experiences. She has been inspired to pursue work as in the birth doula community in Vancouver.

Teresa will be working with Birth Takes a Village compiling information on prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding nutrition, and food solutions to common problems during pregnancy. She is also great at meal-planning for births, helping parents prepare to have high energy, nutrient-rich foods on hand for the work of a long labour. I can’t emphasize how important food is enough during labour. Labour is hard physical work, and mama, partner and support people need to have proper nourishment to stay helpful and supportive for the duration of the birth.

Amp up your body’s ability to birth with strength.  Contact Birth Takes a Village  for information on how Teresa can contribute.  For a limited time she is offering labour and birth meal planning for FREE as she completes her co-op hours for the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

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