Do You Want To Have A Gentle & Informed Birth?

Vancouver Doula and Childbirth Services with Jessica Austin

Create a birth experience where you will feel comforted, confident and supported during your upcoming birth with the support of Jessica Austin, Birth Takes a Village doula. 

Jessica Austin is absolutely amazing! I met her and instantly loved her. She is sincerely understanding and compassionate, and hugely involved in the doula and midwifery worlds. She in an activist for women’s birthing rights, trains new doulas…, and is full of amazing tools and info for birth.Michael and I trusted her 150% w us and our babies! She was the only one who cried with and hugged us when our twins were born. I only wanted to hold Jessica’s hand the whole time I was in labor, which was for three days. I can’t say enough to be honest! ~ Cedar, past client 


Emotional reassurance and physical comfort measures are only part of how you will benefit from doula support. As a doula client, you will also receive tips for clarifying your birth priorities and how to have effective discussions with your primary attendant regarding your options for birth.

I was unfamiliar with what a doula does, and anxious about having someone take over my supportive role for my wife during the birth.  I wanted to make sure, amidst the midwives, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law that I would have a role and not feel squeezed out.  I was also, frankly, worried that the cost of a doula was an unnecessary expense. My fears were unfounded. Jessica made sure that I was free of all the little distractions so that I could be present for my wife.  She supported both of us through the birth.  She was unfailingly kind, respectful, and helpful.  My wife’s birth was long.  Jessica stayed with us for almost 24 hours, including all of the active labour.  Much of that time she was actively massaging my wife’s back, helping her with the birth pool, and generally being amazing.  Both my wife and I drew strength from her presence – I can’t think of a more important qualification. ~ Dennis, past client 

In addition to doula support, you can benefit from being connected to a variety of partner services through Birth Takes a Village. From referrals to holistic childbirth professionals in the community to discounted package rates that include options such as birth photography or placenta encapsulation, you will have access to the best Vancouver has to offer in terms of support for birthing women and families as a Birth Takes a Village doula client.

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