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Birth Takes A Village

Birth Takes A Village was created as a symbol for what I desire for the world: a strong sense of community, support, and respect. Traditionally, women and mothers had a community of women and elders surrounding and supporting them during pregnancy, birth and in the early newborn period. Our culture has largely moved away from that community-based system, and I want to be a part of recreating it; symbolic of how, ultimately, I wish for a strong sense of community and support everywhere, for everyone.

Part of this vision has included the creation of my free monthly prenatal group, designed to facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and community building among pregnant women and new parents.

Changing the CULTURE of birth also takes a village. I believe our current birth culture needs to be shifted to one that is much more gentle, informed and respectful of women and their bodies. As a very active leader and participant in Vancouver’s birth activist community, I strive to create continual and positive change as I work towards promoting a gentle and informed birth culture.

My Path to Becoming a Childbirth Professional

Finding a career that could bring me a strong sense of fulfilment through contributing to others’ lives in a positive and important way has always been an extremely important goal of mine. This pursuit has taken me through university and independent studies, as well as employment in both mainstream and alternative health care.  Finally, I found myself becoming part of the birth community as a Vancouver birth doula.

My undergraduate studies in the sciences taught me a strong understanding of human biology, as well as an interest in scientific research. I spend many evenings studying obstetric guidelines and the research it is based on, which has armed with a plethora of studies and resources to pass on to my clients.

The more I study and learn about the history, politics and choices for birthing, the more strongly birth work resonates with me. My own mother did not experience childbirth in the positive and empowering way she deserved to, and this is part of what inspires me to support women in childbirth and as they become mothers. I firmly believe in birth as a social and emotional experience for women, and that all women deserve to have respectful, positive births on their own terms.

How Do You Know I Am The Right Support Person For You?

The two most important factors in choosing someone to join you for your birth are that her birth philosophy is in line with yours and that you feel comfortable and at ease with her.

I invite you to contact me for a free initial interview to discover if we are a good match for your birth. I am passionate about providing support to you in a way that honours your own vision of the birth you would like to create. You can also get to know me by following me on Facebook.

Contact me today to arrange your free initial interview: 604-700-4115.

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