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Keeping boys intact

Educating about circumcision: don’t be afraid

Circumcision is a contentious issue in our country, and many people shy away from discussing it for fear of offending anyone who is circumcised, circumcised their child, or who is planning to circumcise their child. This procedure is painful and has serious repercussions for males, and avoiding providing education and information on this important topic does a disservice to people… Read more →


Although circumcision may have been fairly common among men in your peer age-group, more and more parents are choosing to keep their sons intact. Every year, the percentage of infant boys being circumcised is decreasing. This is because, as we learn more about the impact of circumcision, more people are looking at  it  as a prophylactic procedure that does not… Read more →

Female Intactivist vs a Circumcised Dad: Some very common pro-circumcision arguments and why they are wrong!

I wrote the following article the other day, and opted out of publishing it in favour of a less-debate-like, more diplomatic article. Hypocritically, I called it: Why Circumcision Debates Matter. I’ve been regretting that choice! So, in honour of of the debates I was encouraging yesterday, I’m firing off the version I wrote originally: Read more →