Thank You From Emilie

Photo: Jackie Dives, Birth Photographer

Emilie had a beautiful hospital birth with registered midwives, and it was all caught on camera by Jackie, a birth photographer who often joins me at births. Here’s Emilie’s testimonial about her experience:

Photo Credit: Jackie Dives, Birth Photographer

I met Jessica through her free birth preparation group … I had just arrived from France two months before and had everything to learn about pregnancy and childbirth in Canada. Her help has brought me all the informations and support I needed to start a pregnancy in a positive way.

 Although I had never thought to hire a doula (we don’t even know what it is in France 😉 I instantly fell in love with Jessica’s spirit and energy and absolutely wanted her to be part of my birth team. At first, my partner was skeptical about the usefulness of having a doula and was afraid of not finding his place… but after meeting with jessica he was reassured and agreed that she was the perfect fit for us.  

We had a wonderful birth thanks to Jessica. I would never have been able to have such an experience without her ! She knew instinctively what to say and do to relieve and relax me… She has a real gift! 

She took care of me in an amazing way, was here to help my partner feel comfortable and even stayed 5 hours with us once our baby girl was born. She was such an amazing help that I can’t even imagine having another baby without Jessica… so her trip to France is already planned for my next birth :-)

I was fortunate enough to be assisted by both Jessica, Birth Takes a Village doula and birth photographer Jackie Dives for my birth. It was the perfect combination : Jessica helped me cope with the sensations with remarkable efficiency while Jackie, very quiet and calm, was taking amazing pictures without even being noticed. With just one doula/photographer to do the whole job, I couldn’t have had such a good experience : as I needed permanent support during the birthing sensations and pushing, it was impossible for one single person to help me and capture the moment at the same time.

Thanks again to Jessica for her support and to Jackie for these incredible and invaluable pictures of our brand new family!

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  1. Alison Westgate
    March 23, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    I love the second picture, such a beautiful shot of her partner’s support!

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