Home Birth

Planning a Home Birth in Vancouver?

More and more families are choosing to give birth at home where outcomes tend to be better and experiences tend to be more positive. As one of the most well-known home birth attendants in the Vancouver, you can be confident that you will receive experienced and knowledgeable support for your home birth when you book my services.

Over 90% of the births I attend are planned home births, and the vast majority of my clients who plan home births ultimately end up birthing at home because they feel confident and supported in doing so.

*Book with me early and also receive my top recommendations for the best home-birth-friendly midwives in Vancouver!

Home Birth Services Include

  • Doula Support or Holistic Birth Care options
  • Basic home birth supply kit
  • Use of my professional birthing pool, including set-up, tear-down and pool supplies
  • Home comfort tools (TENS unit, Rebozo, asĀ appropriate)
  • Post-birth cleanup: laundry, dishes, etc.
  • Help with preparing meals / snacks during the birth
  • Assistance with taking care of any older children or pets that may be home
  • …and more, depending on the package you book.

Home Birth Education

If you’re looking for the best in Vancouver’s home-birth specific prenatal education, you also have the option of signing up for my Birth At Home prenatal classes.

Learn More About Home Birth

If you’re still looking into home birth as an option, check out the following:

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