Nourish Your Miscarriage

FullSizeRender (1)Nourishing your body with nutrition, supplements, and herbs can help keep your body strong while supporting a smooth completion of the miscarriage.

Nourishing Your Miscarriage With Food

Iron, folate and B-vitamins can help your body cope with discomfort, blood loss and feeling emotionally well.

Iron Sources:  meat, lentils, eggs, seafood, poultry, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, more

Folate Sources: leafy green vegetables, root vegetables, kidney/white beans, orange juice, avocados, milk, more

B-Vitamin Sources: whole grains, brown rice, seeds, beans, lentils eggs, chicken, fish, avocados, carrots, more

Nourishing Your Miscarriage With Supplements

Vitamins A, Bs, C, and E are all helpful in nourishing your body during miscarriage.

Vitamin A: aids in healing, strengthening the immune and reproductive system, and helps the adrenals cope with stress.

Vitamin B-Complex: stress-coping, helps the body generate new cells, mood, immune health

Vitamin C: for immune system health, repairing blood vessels

Vitamin E: for tissue repair and immune health

Nourishing Your Miscarriage With Herbs

There are a variety of herbal teas and tinctures that can aid in nourishing the body and promoting a healthy miscarriage.

Herbal Tea: Nettle, Dandelion Root and Red Raspberry Leaf are all nourishing herbs, high in iron and other vitamins. Comfrey is beneficial for inflammation and general healing. Oatstraw is nourishing as well as calming for the nervous system. Red Raspberry is a lovely uterine tonic. Reishi can be a great addition for adrenal function and inflammation.

**Comfrey is NOT safe for use in pregnancy, so discontinue use once your next menstrual cycle starts or when you being trying to conceive next.

Herbal Tincture: Dong Quai, Ladies Mantle, Partridge berry, Reishi, Oat Seed, Oak Bark, Raspberry Leaf all are high in vitamins and minerals, and work together to nourish, balance hormones and the nervous system, improve muscle tone and strengthen uterine function to help your body complete the miscarriage smoothly.

*Pre-mixed blends available from Birth Takes a Village. Contact me for info.

Sample Regimen For Your Nourished Miscarriage:

During Miscarriage:

During a miscarriage while waiting for passing of tissue:

AM: Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex (1-2 Capsules), Nourishing Miscarriage Tea (1-2 Cups)

PM: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Nourishing Tea (1-2 Cups)

Herbal Tincture: One dropperful mixed in a bit of water three times daily. Continue until all tissue has passed.


Once the tissue has passed and bleeding has stopped, nourish your body with the following until your body menstruates again:

AM: Vitamin B Complex (1-2 Capsules), Nourishing Tea (1-2 Cups)

PM: Vitamin C (every other day), Vitamin E (every other day), Vitamin A (every other day), Nourishing Miscarriage Tea

*Some food, herb and supplement suggestions adapted from Full Spectrum Doulas Training Manual, Molly Dutton-Kenny, and Birchwood Herbals. These are sample suggestions; please discuss with your health practitioner or local herbalist for additional insight if necessary.

Need support through your miscarriage in Vancouver, BC?

Nourish your emotions during miscarriage by taking some down time and making sure to do some emotional self-care during this powerful time. Visit the Miscarriage Services Page for additional community resources and suggestions for miscarriage support or to learn how to access miscarriage support through Birth Takes a Village.

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