Birth Takes a Village offers a variety of childbirth services in Vancouver, BC and surrounding area. All services are designed to help you have a gentle and informed birth experience.


Birth Doula Services 

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Providing you with information, support, education, and physical and emotional comfort during childbirth. Women report much more positive birth experiences when they choose to add a birth doula to their team. More Details

Birth Pool Rental for Home Births

Warm water is an amazing tool for staying as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your birthing. Use of the birth pool includes all supplies, plus set up and tear down. Free with select birth doula packages.

Free Prenatal Group – COMING SOON!

Held monthly or bi-monthly, this free group is social AND educational, focused on community building and knowledge sharing. It’s a great compliment to your prenatal classes, and is fantastic for creating relationships with other birthing parents so you have a social support network for after birth. More Details

Pospartum Doula Support

Helpful in the early weeks of life with a newborn, a postpartum doula helps you be more well-rested, well-fed, and supported as you adjust to your life with a new baby. More Details

Placenta Encapsulation

Arranged through my placenta-encapsulator-colleagues, Placenta Encapsulation is popular with clients who hope to gain hormonal and nutritional benefits and minimize the risk of postpartum depression  from consumption of the placenta in capsule form.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Whether you are experiencing a planned or unexpected pregnancy loss, in-person support can be invaluable. More Details


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