Vancouver Birth Ralliers at St. Paul’s Hospital

I missed the birth rally last night at St. Paul’s Hospital (because I was doula-ing at a birth at a different hospital). With, I must say, an AMAZING nurse who was 100% supportive and amazing at explaining options in a mother-centered way.

THANK YOU to the medical staff out there who truly honour and respect birth and birthing women, who practice informed consent/refusal appropriately, and who know that women are capable of birthing their babies and of making the decisions about their births.

As a member of Humanize Birth, I am not anti-hospital, anti-drug, or anti-doctor. Women have the right to birth how, where, and with whomever they choose. I AM anti-coercion, anti-manipulating, anti-oppression, and pro-informed choice. I also hope for a cultural shift that raises its girls to believe their bodies are strong, powerful, and that birth is frickin’ awesome as opposed to something that has to be feared.

THANK YOU also, to the women ( and men!) who consistently show up to these rallies, in honour of women who had doctors or nurses who were not so supportive and respectful. Thank you for participating in our goal of spreading the truth about birth… that women’s bodies are made to give birth, that women have a human right to make choices about their bodies, births and babies during childbirth. Thank you for raising awareness that a LOT of women are not having that right honoured right now in our current birth culture.  Thank you for helping us promote a more gentle and informed birth culture.

I find I get hired by doula clients who want me on their team to help make sure they understand their options and can help be a strong but diplomatic advocate for them. This is particularly true because I frequently support families who have had previously traumatic births, and are wanting to feel more supported and informed for their current pregnancy / birth.

My biggest piece of advice for them is to choose their birth place and support people mindfully and to get themselves educated prenatally.

Now, I do have biases. For one thing, I would obviously love to be at your birth myself. If  I don’t attend a birth for more than two weeks, I start to have withdrawl symptoms.  Give me a call (604-700-4115) f you’d like to chat about having me at your birth.

For another, I definitely have favorite care providers, prenatal classes, and  depending on the type of birth you want. Please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help you explore your options so you can choose a birth team and place that is in line with the type of birth you want.

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  1. November 21, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    ahh I missed another one.. how is that I always find out about these after the fact… I’m so out of the loop

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