Options For Miscarriage or Abortion

Informed Choice in Miscarriage (& Abortion)

Ever since adding miscarriage support to my practice (long overdue – I had know idea HOW to support clients through miscarriages until I took an eye-opening Holistic Abortion workshop with Molly Dutton-Kenny last year), I see people asking for miscarriage advice everywhere. SO MANY PEOPLE are looking for options, support, and alternatives to the commonly recommended surgical procedures in the… Read more →

Home birth with dog

Ooops, I touched a baby!

Oh, no, I got caught! I’m known for my “hands-off” philosophy towards birth, meaning avoiding disturbances of the instinctual processes of mother and baby unless absolutely necessary. This includes even subtle things like touching the baby or talking unnecessarily immediately after the birth. The initial moments post-birth are precious and part of an instinctual process as the family meets their… Read more →

Being with woman

Being With Woman

The lost art of Being With. The vast majority of the time, all the birthing person “needs” is the calm, confident presence of someone who believes in her. Fancy tips and tricks, directions, ideas and solutions more often than not serve to interfere and distract more than help. Sitting with, being with, breathing with. Being still with. Saying “That’s the… Read more →