Carley’s Home Birth, June 2014


I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, but “thank you” doesn’t feel like strong enough words. It was so amazing to have you present at our birth and I can’t imagine how differently things would have felt if you weren’t there. When becoming pregnant, although I deeply respect and suggest doulas to other women, I… Read more →

Joanna, Alfredo and Matteo


“Hiring Jessica as our doula was hands down the best investment we could have made for the birth of our son, Matteo. He is our first child, so I really appreciated the knowledge and experience Jessica brought to the table as we felt we were in very capable hands. She seemed to intuitively know exactly how to support us in… Read more →

Belly (250x250)

Jialia Kimoto, June 2014

Belly (250x250)

“Jessica is THE best! She is a wonder woman, and worked her hardest to make sure that we have a safe, secure and positive birth environment…and most importantly she is always on and by your side! My partner and I could not have done it without Jessica – best money you can spend. She is amazing at what she does,… Read more →

Fenya’s Birth


The birth of Fenya is one I will always remember as a doula. The birthing woman and her partner were strong and committed to¬†questioning the status quo and making choices that felt right for them. Here’s an excerpt from their birth story which touches on how I helped them as their doula. (You can read their full birth story here):… Read more →

A Real Midwife


Real Midwives – by Philip Clement¬† ‘real’ midwives are the salt of the earth pose reluctantly in birth photos do the kitchen and laundry in the background they do a helluva lot of BEing and DOing in the background holding Woman’s highest Wisdom: nothing less than the knowledge of Life environment designers optimizing EVERYTHING for Mum and babe for the… Read more →