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cesarean birth is birth

Cesarean Birth IS Birth

In honour of Cesarean Awareness Month, I wanted to share a story of Gina, client who chose to have a cesarean last December due to discovering her baby was breech at almost 41 weeks of pregnancy. While woman do have the option of choosing to birth breech babies vaginally (read another client’s vaginal breech birth story here), Gina decided a cesarean birth… Read more →


Birth From Two Angles: A mother and father share their home birth story

Earlier this month I got to attend a beautiful home birth with a really fun couple AND my good bud Morag Hastings from Apple Blossom Families. Occasionally we tag-team births where I provide the birth support and she documents with her birth photography magic.  The couple, Erin and Reid, have written their story from each of their perspectives and shared… Read more →